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Founded in 1981, Mazelle’s Desserts is a wholesale manufacturer of Cheesecake and Specialty Desserts for food service establishments, including restaurants, hotels, country clubs, schools, hospitals, and caterers.

A dessert creates the last impression you have of a fine meal, so your dessert should be truly memorable. That’s why Mazelle’s Desserts offers luscious cheesecake, dessert bars, specialty cakes and pies, all made by hand with the highest quality ingredients.

Mazelle’s Cheesecakes are made with only the very finest ingredients. Philadelphia® cream cheese, whole fresh cream, real butter, imported and domestic chocolates, real liqueurs and fresh lemons are combined to create the finest cheesecakes available. We add no preservatives, and we don’t pump up our cheesecakes with air or other fillers. By storing and shipping our cheesecakes frozen, we maintain the freshness, creaminess and just made taste you expect in a premium quality product.

Mazelle’s Desserts has a strong distribution network for reliable delivery and sales people who provide service beyond the sale with Petit Fours effective training on how to sell, merchandise and serve dessert. We can also provide you with attractive table tents and other promotional materials to further enhance your sales.

Mazelle’s Desserts are a “no-labor, no-waste, no-hassle” confection that your customers will think you baked yourself. In fact, every cheesecake is precut into slices with paper separators inserted between each slice for easy serving. Each product is frozen in a resealable poly bag with a twist tie and enclosed in a sturdy box. When stored in their original packaging, all of our desserts will stay fresh for up to a year, without absorbing freezer odors or suffering freezer burn.

Don’t your customers deserve Mazelle’s?


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